To be honest today might have been the least touristy day I ever spent in a city I’ve never been to before and I absolutely loved it. We just dived into this turbulent world of high fashion and class. We arrived late at night in our hostel and because we were both starving we decided … More Milano

Eat|Pray|Love Part 1

Eat|Pray|Love One of my favorite movies is, what a surprise, Eat,Pray, Love. Italy, India, Bali. Just that she left everything behind to start the adventure of her lifetime is something I find extraordinarily inspiring. I’ve been to Italy and India not as intensely or long as she did but then I only 18. Bali always … More Eat|Pray|Love Part 1


Just some pictures from my summer in Greece for the vibes. White buildings, blue sky Flower power If only I could walk around in a light dress againBeach vibes View from our balcony Over the clouds


Taormina is one of the loveliest cities I’ve been to in Italy and it’s definitely my most favorite one on Sicilia. It is kinda posh with a lot of fancy hotels and boutiques like Chanel and Dolce but when I learnt one thing in the past few years then it’s that traveling on a budget … More Taormina,Sicilia


I’ve been in a kind of throwback mood lately, going trough pictures of my travels and thinking back to the time I spent there, so I’ll just start a kind of throwback series with mostly pictures. And I will start with one of my most favorite cities London & New York which is kind of … More London 


Impressions from Paris in January  I was there only for a couple of days but just to walk the streets and sit in a cafe looking at the people passing by and enjoying the Parisian Flair feels so special every time I go there. (Plus I am in love with macaroons) Moulin Rouge Painting in … More Paris


I always had this wanderlust in me rather than get home sick while on a journey. But especially long-term trips aren’t always fun 24/7, it can get quite stressful. You feel an obligation to do, see and experience something new everyday when actually you just want to sleep in and have an extra long breakfast … More Home


I was just sitting in my room, staring outside the window and everything seemed to so grey and cold and I felt my history book stare at me from the corner of the room in a very judgmental way. I then checked my phone for the thousands time that afternoon to distract myself when I … More Italy