The beginning

I am one of these people who  plan every single detail of a travel and wonder everytime again when nothing works out the way they planned it to.

My original plan:

  1. Write the Abitur  (✅)
  2. Travel trough Italy with a friend (  )
  3. Meet my family in Rome (  )
  4. Travel to Florence and Pisa with my (  )
  5. Meet my godmother in Venice (❌)
  6. Go to the Riviera with my best friend (  )
  7. Go to India (  )
  8. Go to Virgina, USA as an Au Pair (❌)

I was so excited to go to the USA to become an Au Pair. I applied at the agency, uploaded all the important documents and spent what felt like hours at the city hall to get my international driver license. But it just wasn’t meant to be. My host family could not take me in anymore and I also started to doubt if spending my gap year in America would be the right thing. One of the major reason being watching the Dev Patel movie Lion about an Indian kid getting lost in Kalkutta and ending up being adopted by an Australian family and about his journey back home to his mother.

And that got me thinking about the way I want to spend my gap year and thanks to a very strong cup of coffee that gave me the strength to deal with the poor wifi connection I had I ended up reading about voluntary work. At first I was like, what?! I have to  work there and pay for it?! But half an hour later I was absolutely in love with the projects, from teaching Englisch in an Asian school, or helping street kids in Kathmandu, Nepal or India to projects in Africa that support wild living elephants (btw I love elephants). There are so many different projects where I would like to go but  I want to narrow it down to three +  stays in Tiruvanamalai in India where I did  an social internship at for 8 weeks last summer and it became like a second home to me so I want to spend as much time as possible there.

I just want to use this blog to share my experiences with you plus I think it’s going to help me organize my thoughts and to take my memories of the following years down in words and pictures. And I am really excited how the rest of my original plan will turn out and how my Plan B is going to turn out.




2 thoughts on “The beginning

  1. All end well with good intentions and sincerity. I wish you tons of good wishes and loads of luck for your future endeavors in life. This sounds exciting, adventurous and equally promising and rewarding. Hope to read more😊😊


    1. Thank you so much. I am especially looking forward to go to Nepal (I think I’ll stay there for about 5 months). The impact the earthquake had are so much bigger than than one things when just hearing regular news and that’s why a blog like yours is so important. I wish you the best.

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