I was just sitting in my room, staring outside the window and everything seemed to so grey and cold and I felt my history book stare at me from the corner of the room in a very judgmental way. I then checked my phone for the thousands time that afternoon to distract myself when I realized that in less than a month I will be in Italy, sitting outside on a terrace of a petit restaurant and enjoy some pasta with a glass of wine, all this in the great company of a friend, I also lived with here in India for a month so I know that we will get along just wonderful as we are mostly connected by our mutual love to both Italy and its remarkable pesto.

We have about two weeks time together and we are not going to plan out details which maybe we should because there are so many ideas flying around from going a pilgrim path for a couple of days to relaxing a bit at the ocean, just watching the waves crash against the shore and smell the salty breeze. We also talked about going to Venice for a day and stay at a little monastery near Assisi for a few nights. 

After the two weeks with her I’ll meet my family in Rome where we rented a little apartment with AirBnB which is I always prefer because you can live in a non-tourist part of town and be independent, go to the market (which I loved doing when I last stayed in Rome) and buy fresh fruit and vegetables and have breakfast whenever you want. Another benefit of an apartment is the privacy you have and learnt in the past that after an exhausting day of queuing to visit the top ten sights there is nothing better than relaxing in quietude.

My mother and brother will take off by plane at the end of the week while my father and I will move from our apartment to the car to go on a farther-daughter roadtrip with stops in Florence, Pisa and Naples (mostly for the Pizza).

Before heading home with a short stop in Switzerland.

We will see how everything will turn out but I am sure it will be very adventurous and I am already looking forward to keep you updated with pictures and the most detailed description of the beautiful things we will see, taste and experience.





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