I always had this wanderlust in me rather than get home sick while on a journey. But especially long-term trips aren’t always fun 24/7, it can get quite stressful.

You feel an obligation to do, see and experience something new everyday when actually you just want to sleep in and have an extra long breakfast and binge watch Netflix. 

Maybe you ate something wrong and now all you want is to be home in your own bed surrounded by the things most familiar to you. 

I had this experience last summer in India, I was just setting on top of the roof with the most magnificent view of the nature surrounding the little town Tirruvanamalai, Tamil Nadu in India and I felt a melancholy coming up in me. And I thought about our garden, how our doorlock always needs that extra move to open up. Memories came up of me an my mother sitting in our favorite restaurant talking for hours and hours. Memories of the sound of birds so different to the ones I heard then. The smell of wet grass in the morning. The familiar taste of coffee. It weren’t the big moments but the small one that make every day life that I remembered. Things that are underappreciatet because they are always there. And in that moment on that rooftop thousand miles away from home I realized for the first time in forever how lucky I was and how much I love my home with the big garden and the swing I used to play on everyday.

Coming back home I looked at things differently, I started to appreciate the little moments in life. Smiled at a little flower growing next to our door. Taking a deep breath when stepping outside. 
I love to travel to foreign places and dive into different cultures and absorb all the experiences, but I now also love coming back home to plan my next great journey. Because to live is not to travel it is much more the attitude you have towards life itself.


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