Eat|Pray|Love Part 1


One of my favorite movies is, what a surprise, Eat,Pray, Love. Italy, India, Bali.

Just that she left everything behind to start the adventure of her lifetime is something I find extraordinarily inspiring.

I’ve been to Italy and India not as intensely or long as she did but then I only 18. Bali always was like a dream that I talked about with friends at the dinnertable. Together we dreamt about going there in 9 or 10 years but it never felt real.

And now I am so close to start my own Eat,Pray,Love Trip, just with Volunteering instead of Love. Although you can never plan love so one never knows.

I just started my journey to Italy where I’ll stay for about a month. 

I’ll keep you updated.


For more pictures follow my Instagram


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