To be honest today might have been the least touristy day I ever spent in a city I’ve never been to before and I absolutely loved it. We just dived into this turbulent world of high fashion and class. We arrived late at night in our hostel and because we were both starving we decided to grap a late night snack.

And it was the absolute best decision, it was already past midnight and we weren’t certain to even find something but there it was, this tiny cafe which was still open. No customer besides us. The mother made the panini, her son prepared the beer 🍻 and the father sat at the the table next to ours reading the newspaper.
The next day we started early, we had a croissant crema, which was delicious and is a must have for anyone traveling trough Italy before we took the metro to the Dome. 

We decided not to go inside as it was really crowded, but later that day we spent hours on the Plaza just watching the people go by, talking about nothing and still everything. Besides that we did what had to be done while in Milano. We went shopping. 

Do you know those days where you feel like no matter in how many stores you go you just don’t finde the right thing? Well let’s just say we did not have that problem!

After hours of in and out of the dressing room we were again starving and also tired and we decided to go the a little bistro across the street.

Where we shared some kind of delicious Pizza, it was different then everything I’ve ever tasted but in the best possible way. I am still looking forward to the Pizza we will soon enjoy in Naples.


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