5 things you have to pack when going to India

When I learnt one thing in the last years then it is what the must-haves are when you are traveling to a country like India.

1. Mosquito spray        

Many underestimate that point but when you are out in the dawn without it you will experience what it feels like to be eaten alive.

2. Personalized First-Aid kit

For example when you know your tummy is sensitive, bring something. You should also always bring stuff for disinfect because if you get hurt it’s better to be prepared the hospitals in India have very different standards.

3. Sanitary products (for girls)

In some parts you won’t found any at all and in the more touristy places they are freakish expensive because the only sell them to tourists.

4. Light long trouser/skirt

When you go to a country like India it is important to respect their culture and also their dressing codes, in rural areas it would be considered extremely rude to walk around in hot pants or a short dress  (men should also wear something long when visiting a sacred place) You are also less likely to be taken serious by the local people

5. A good camera 

India is one of the most beautiful countries I have ever seen and even though my IPhone makes great pictures it’s just not the same quality and it is the best way to keep these memories forever. 

Because now matter where you will go to it will be one of the greatest adventures of your life when you just decide to look up, maybe it’s waiting just around the corner.


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